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Rates of Child Support


Before you can start to calculate Child Support, you need to understand which rate you will fall under. There are four rates, which can apply:

  • Nil Rate
  • Flat Rate
  • Reduced Rate
  • Basic Rate (which includes Basic Rate Plus)

Please note, the below is not an exhaustive list, and we can discuss your exact circumstances with you to ensure you are assessed correctly.

Nil Rate

Some NRPs do not need to pay any child support. This ‘Nil Rate’ applies if the NRP is a child, or is a prisoner/detained in hospital, or age 16/17 receiving Universal Credit or Income Support, (other benefits may be applicable), receiving work-based training for young people, is resident in a care home or independent hospital, or is being provided with a care home service or/and independent healthcare service (however, must receive one of the prescribed benefits for Flat Rate, or has a gross income of less than £7 per week.

Flat Rate

A ‘Flat Rate’ of £7 per week applies if the NRP does not qualify for the Nil Rate and has a weekly income of £100 or less, or is in receipt of one of a number of benefits, or they, or their partner, receives one of the means tested benefits.

Reduced Rate

The Reduced Rate applies if the NRP does not qualify for the Nil Rate or Flat Rate, and their weekly gross income is greater than £100 but less than £200. The Flat Rate of £7 per week is added to a percentage of the parents income between £100 and £200, e.g. if gross income is £150 per week, the percentage is applied to £50. The percentage depends on the number of qualifying children, including any relevant non-resident children the NRP has, as well as the number of other children who live with the NRP.

Basic Rate

The Basic Rate applies if none of the other rates (Nil, Flate or Reduced) apply. If the NRP has a gross weekly income of £200 or more, Child Support is calculated using the Basic Rate. If the gross weekly income is over £800, the ‘Basic Rate Plus’ applies. The maximum amount of gross weekly income that can be included in the Child Support calculation is £3,000. Even if a variation for additional income is being applied, the amount of gross income taken into account cannot be more than this.

Reductions for Qualifying, Relevant Non-Resident & Relevant Other Children

The Basic Rate is a percentage of the NRPs gross weekly income, depending on the number of qualifying children, including the number of any relevant non-resident children they have.

If the NRP has other children living with them, their gross income is reduced by a certain percentage before the basic rate is calculated.

Basic rate; reduction in gross income for relevant other children

Number of relevant other childrenPercentage by which gross income is reduced

Basic rate; percentages used to calculate Child Support payable are shown below:

Number of
qualifying children (including
relevant non-resident children)
Percentage of
gross income
up to £800
Percentage of
gross income
above £800
Three or more19%15%

Further examples of calculations can be found by clicking here.

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