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CMS Calculation Example: Basic Rate

The Rates of Child Support and Qualifying & Relevant Children pages help to explain the parameters used for Child Support calculation.

There is a free online calculator, however, please be aware this is a very basic calculator. We can help with more advanced calculations, such as other children resident in your home (as an NRP), etc., as demonstrated below. Alternatively, if you think you have been assessed incorrectly, request a consultation with us, by clicking Request a Consultation.

Basic Rate Example

Matthew, the non-resident parent (NRP) is due to pay Child Support to Lucy, the resident parent (RP) for two qualifying children, Ben & Ellie. Matthew lives with his new partner, Joanna, and their baby Jude. Jude is a relevant other child.

Matthew’s gross income is £650 per week. The basic rate of child support applies.

There is one relevant other child (Jude) so this is reduced by 11%.

Step One:

Gross Weekly income = £650

There is 11% reduction as there is one relevant other child = £71.50

Gross weekly income after the reduction for relevant other children = £578.50

Income between £0 and £800 = £578.50

Step Two:

There are two qualifying children, so child support is 16% of £578.50.

16% of £578.50 = £92.56

Matthew is due to pay £92.56 child support per week to Lucy.

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Basic rate; reduction in gross income for relevant other children

Number of relevant other childrenPercentage by which gross income is reduced

Basic rate; percentages used to calculate Child Support payable are shown below:

Number of
qualifying children (including
relevant non-resident children)
Percentage of
gross income
up to £800
Percentage of
gross income
above £800
Three or more19%15%

Further examples of calculations can be found by clicking here.

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