Case Study:
The Brokered Agreement for a Shared Care Outcome

Father kissing his son
Brokered Agreement for a Shared Care Outcome

Our consultant worked with a Father going through a divorce with his Family Lawyer. The split had been acrimonious and Mother wanted a 70/30 split in her favour. We worked with both parties to broker an agreement for 50/50 shared care by agreeing a larger equity from the house sale to go to Mother. As a result, there is no maintenance to pay on either side.

Initially, the Family Lawyer had been working towards a 50/50 split of the house, and by increasing this slightly in Mother’s favour, we were able to then negotiate a shared care outcome.

Whilst this is not always possible, careful discussion with both parties, helping each to understand that protracted legal proceedings will only diminish the equity developed a favourable outcome for both parties, with each feeling they had won by getting what they wanted.

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