Case Study:
The CMS Case and 2nd undeclared employment

Mother kissing her son
CMS Case and 2nd undeclared job

It came to Mother’s (RP) that Father had a second, undeclared income, and was being paid in cash. Our consultant brokered an agreement with Father explaining the implications and repercussions of an undeclared second income.

The situation wasn’t helped with the outcome from the Family Court, where because of the shift work involved, an order could not be easily made and instead both parents were told to work it out amongst themselves. We helped to broker an agreement where RP has both children 5 nights and NRP has both the children 3 nights. Each week, the handover day moves on by a day; i.e. Monday on week 1, handover to NRP, 3 nights later on Thursday, handover to RP, 5 nights later on Tuesday, handover to NRP…

Father then agreed to pay half of all the children’s needs, i.e. school uniform, in addition to the CMS assessed payment each month.

An agreeable outcome for both RP and NRP, and a lengthy, complex appeal with the CMS was avoided.

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